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My Name is Daniel Roth and I'm a freelance presenter and producer for Hot Radio. I currently present the Sunday Breakfast show along with the Saturday evening Hot Retro show!

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Daniel Roth
Curriculum Vitae
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Technical skills and experience:

I have experience in a range of roles both presenting and producing for UK radio. I have an excellent grasp of new media and multi-platform radio technologies. I also have a good working knowledge of Pro Tools and Adobe Audition 3. As well as experience in using RCS Master Control, RCS Selector, Myriad 3 as well as Myriads Remote Voice tracking.

I have plenty of experience working within a studio environment and have worked on either side of the desk in both presenting and producing roles. I have produced trails, promo’s and imaging. I have also produced features, conducted interviews and planned competitions.

I have over 4 year’s professional presenting experience. I have presented various different shows, provided short notice cover for weekday presenters and even conducted OB’s from festivals and concerts. I have a genuine passion for radio and love for entertaining. I’m personable, friendly, and relatable. I have lots of energy and enthusiasm and can easily lend myself to different presenting roles.


Hot Radio - Presenter
14-2-12 - Current

Hot Radio

I currently present the Sunday Breakfast and the Saturday Night Retro Hot Mix as well as providing short notice cover for other presenters during the week. I've helped out with station OB's as well as station promotional events.

Bay FM 102.8 - Presenter / Producer
3.10 - 14-2-12

Bay FM

I presented three weekly shows, Sunday Breakfast, the retro fest and best of the Bay. I occasionally use Myriads voice tracking and remote voice tracking from my home studio to VT these as well. During my time at the station, I also acquired a good working knowledge of RCS master control before our migration to Myriad.

Hospital Radio Bedside (Bournemouth) - Presenter & Producer
05.09 - 09.10

Hospital Radio Bedside

Involved as an imaging producer and presenter. In my role, I presented a weekly three hour show on Sunday afternoons as well as short notice cover. I also helped produce trail's and promo's. I have also been involved with tech opping for OB's and was involved with some background engineering work.

Internet Radio - Presenter and producer
6.07 - 09-10

Presentation, production and news-reading at various internet radio stations. I presented several weekly shows, organised interviews, OB's and attended station promotional events. 

Bournemouth And Poole College
03-2008 - Work ongoing.

The Bournemouth and Poole College

Full-Time IT Technitian. Supporting several thousand clients and users. Involved with network management. This included installing switches, access points as well as providing ad-hoc studio support for Aspire FM where I have been involved with implimenting internet streaming, hardware support and website development.

A series of clips from a recent show on HOT Radio!

A series of clips from a recent show!

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A short 4 min clip of a recent show on HOT Radio.

A short promo

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A short 5 min clip - Including news reading, live reads, weather and a short interview as well.

A few clips from various shows on Hot Radio

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I had the man flu on this show and I felt horrible. (I ended up going through about 3 cups of Lemsip!) but it's a good example of my interviewing and weather reading skills.

A very slow news day!

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Probably an example fo me at my best, able to come up with fun content on the fly. I prepped this link in 5 minutes.

Clips from the breakfast show on Bay FM

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My first breakfast show!

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